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Yesterday afternoon at the Marley Stadium Bacup Borough FC league season came to a close. Nine months of total commitment by a group of players that are honest, courageous, dedicated and humble. They have been a credit to the club from that first kick at home to Cleator Moor Celtic.

There is a mural outside the ground on Cowtoot Lane and even though I've not been at the football club long enough to remember those days of the past, I can assure that this current crop of players deserve and would be equally placed on that mural.

They're a special bunch with a bright future, and hopefully that future is with the Borough. It's a team that has an identity, not only tactically but also geographically. These young men have pride in putting on the shirt. They understand what it means to play for Bacup Borough FC. A club dating back to 1879 and they don't take that for granted.

Brent, David, Jimmy, Jack and those involved in the U21s and U23s have spent a great deal of time coaching and nurturing this young body of men. The club is focused on working as one. Unity has become the primary focus for the future.

Off the field Debra O'Connor and her trusted team of Amy, Shaun and the girls have continued to provide hospitality for the masses coming through the turnstile at West View. More football supporters than ever before have walked up Cowtoot Lane and down the backstreet in order to watch this group of players, it's been a delight.

The local and regional business community have also been buying in to the future of this great old club. Andrew Knights has been a breath of fresh air around the place. The passion he has for Bacup Borough is inspirational. He loves the town, the valley and it's people. And over the coming months he will be out through the valley talking to business owners about the possibilities of them coming on this journey, because it is a journey.

In the media department we've managed to take things to a new level. Numerous platforms have been created over the past few years. Matchday digital programme, The Rewind/Sports Bar Show, podcast, live match commentary both home and away, etc, etc. All with the vision of creating additional revenue streams and giving our commercial partners value for money.

I need to thank Andrew Knights who has been alongside me every step of the way. We have become very good friends on this journey and are both fully focused on taking this great club into the future. We have a vision for Bacup Borough FC and in order for that vision to come to fruition the work of the commercial arm and the media arm must work together in unison.

Also massive thanks to Rohan Haworth, Seb Ireland, John Shirras, Peter Shipton, Jacob Reader, Michael Bidney and those who have contributed to the media department during the season.

Simon Holding, Meatball, Colin and Mick Carr are also massively invaluable for the club, it really has been a team effort allround. And if I have missed anybody out I apologise.

And finally. The supporters. What can we possibly say about you. Home and away, rain or shine, you have been there with the team throughout. The Ultras, the Sports Bar End posse and parents of players who have shown fantastic support all the way to the final day of the season.

This is just the beginning. Bacup Borough FC is going places. Brent Peters is moving towards 25 years at the club, what an achievement. One if not the longest serving manager in World Football and we are lucky to have him. I always said that Brent was like Marmite, and many would possibly agree. But one thing is for sure. Brent Peters has unconditional love for Bacup Borough FC and without him there wouldn't be a club. He like all of the players, supporters and staff can feel something special happening.

It is now the time to take the memories of the past, the disappointment of the present, and gallop with determination and vision into the future. There are lots of things we would like to change in regards to the infrastructure of the club and hopefully those things will happen in due course.

We have fallen short on this occasion, but the club has learnt so much in nine months. There's a togetherness which excites us all. We all witnessed Groundhopper day and the Bury AFC game. We all knew and felt that we belonged in that moment and that we want that feeling every week at West View.

Thank you for your fantastic support and loyalty. We will all be back next season. We will ROAR THROUGH THE VALLEY

Steve Brown

Head of Media

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