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Updated: May 20, 2021

Bacup Borough's Fitness & Sports Psychologist, Jimmy Petruzzi had the pleasure of interviewing Socceroos legend, Paul Wade on Salford City Radio. ‘Wadey’ as he is known around the world has had a remarkable international career including the Seoul Olympic Games in 1988, two World Cup campaigns in 1990 & 1994 and one of the toughest tasks in world football, to mark ‘Diego Maradona’ in the two legged World Cup play off with Argentina.

During his 10 year international career he was also the captain of the Australian team and played over 118 games. In this interview Paul discusses ,The challenges and triumphs he faced as the captain of the Socceroos, as well as with his own personal struggles in dealing with epilepsy has given Paul Wade a unique life experience.

Click on the following link to tune in to this fascinating, interesting and informative interview Or the following link

Jimmy Petruzzi brings you a fantastic show every Friday evening at 6pm on 94.4FM Salford City Radio. He has featured segments and speaks to some of the world’s most influential professionals in the field of psychology and related field.

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