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The Bacup Borough manager Brent Peters believes that the financial situation involving clubs at the lower levels of the non league game will increase over the coming months. And with things not yet been clarified by the football association as to what will happen in regards to the present 2020/21 season, it could be bleak financially for many.

Chatting to the manager he said. "It's been really difficult over these past 12 months. It's not easy running a football club, and with very little income coming through the door at the moment it could get even harder."

The manager also added. "Most clubs have now submitted their surveys which were sent out several weeks ago. Hopefully from this the football association can make a committed and informative decision on what will happen next. Clubs just want to see leadership from the top. A clear direction of where this season is or isn't going."

Off the field the club continues to work closely with its partners. And even though the team isn't playing games the commercial arm of Bacup Borough strives to support and expose its partners through a constant social media presence.

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